The Story Behind the Odd Name

In 2012, there were a lot of changes in the commercial print world; some good, some not so good. One of the key producers of digitally printed fabrics fell on hard times. Despite the fact that the retail display business was healthy and growing, the growing needs of the customers demanded that more capacity, better equipment, and a new customer-centric focus be brought together immediately. It was this need that opened the doors for Creative Cause Solutions.

Any time you get industry old-timers together, there is the inevitable list of things that should be fixed and the right way of doing business.

          “Why don’t printers listen to the customer?”

          “Service, Quality and Price are ALL important.”

          “A vendor needs to earn the trust of their clients. And when that trust is gone, so is the customer.”

           Who says a company has to follow the rules?”

But this time, the conversation ended with “We could do that!” And a new company was born. But we didn’t want to just build another digital print company – we wanted to make something that had real value. Not just value on the balance sheet, but with the employees, the clients, and the community. Creating a company that does what it does really well and was the best, most sought after, supplier just makes sense. Why do anything else? Be the right solution for the best customers around and the rest will take care of itself. Creative Cause Solutions does it right. We focus on the delivery and getting it right the first time. We have no sales force. We only sell wholesale. We listen and we share information. It is our goal to be the one supplier that you can trust to follow through, to make it the way you wanted it, and to keep your business healthy and growing. There are a lot of things you need to worry about in this industry. We will never be one of them. Delivering on that promise is our Creative Cause.

Who is Creative Cause? Staff Members:

Pam Golden and John Otsuki met many years ago – when terms like c-print, foils and litho were everyday terms and when creating large format banners was something new. The two worked together and built new business and grew their accounts. Eventually industry changes took them in different directions, Pam in sales and customer service, and John in operations. More than ten years later, they begin working together again; Pam as the owner of a successful print brokering company and John at the head of a digital fabric printing business. The result was a huge success. The idea of Creative Cause comes from their 50+ years of combined experience and hard work. But the company is more than just these two. Our teams in New York, Virginia, and California are all experts in their fields. From design, printing and finishing to fulfillment and follow-through; our staff have been keeping the orders flowing for many years. While the company is new, it’s a veteran all-star team.


The focus of Creative Cause is to be the source of the best possible products and service. But that doesn’t make a successful company by itself. The most critical link in any transaction is the sales relationship. However, it is our belief that no operation can meet all the needs of a good sales rep. And in trying to do that, a company is bound to fail. So, we decided to let the sales person own the customer relationship and stick to what we do best. We welcome all seasoned and successful sales organizations. Whether you are a one-person print broker or a major printing company looking for an outsource vendor; we can give you what you need. In a market application where so few people can do it well, we take pride in being called “the very best” when it comes to digital fabric printing. We commit to earn your trust; trust that your jobs will be on time and on budget, trust that your sales relationships are safe, and trust that we will be there for you when you need us.


A lot of what goes into a quality product starts with the materials you put into it. Without the right vendors, the chance of errors and problems is unacceptably high. And when a company has to provide every possible product, they take shortcuts. There just isn’t time to find the best materials and sources. By specializing in what we do, we can spend the time needed to find the best possible supplier and leverage our buying power to make our services more affordable. Your profits are critical to a successful relationship. We are constantly looking for the next improvement in materials and equipment and we welcome any supplier that thinks they have what it takes to be on the team.