Project Management

Every successful project begins and ends with great project management. We will watch over your work from start to finish. Any information about our job is a phone call or a click away. It is our goal to provide you with your job status before you think of asking for it. We take pride in worrying about your work so you don’t have to.

Digital Services

Printing on fabric is hard. Color, contrast and texture is different than any other media. You need a company that can make your images look good on fabric. We can. Our color management and process controls give you the results you want. We overcome the challenges of fabric printing while maximizing the benefits. From color correction to image retouching, to new art creation; we can design it, fix it, or RIP it.


Printing on Fabric is hard. (I know, we said that already. But it bears repeating.) And we are very good at it. Why trust a vinyl printer to print fabric? That would be like going to the vet if you feel sick. If you’re sick see a doctor. If you’re dog is sick see a vet. If your car is sick, see a mechanic. If you need fabric, trust a fabric printer. Our printers are fast and efficient and they only print fabric. But more than that, our staff knows how to do it right.


When you are using fabric, you need to have the right experience. A seamstress or tailor will give you a product that looks and feels right. The quality of cutting, sewing and finishing can make the difference between a great looking graphic and a problem. Our staff have decades of experience with all possible sewing techniques.


Does your customer need a project installed? Are there issues with an existing site? We offer highly experienced staff for a single site project or a national campaign. Specializing in installations in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, we can personally oversee any project. We can travel anywhere in the world as well as coordinate multiple of installation teams to help stay on time and on budget. We can even provide graphic installation training to you, your clients, or other parties.


Making the best possible graphic is only part of the solution. Getting it where it needs to be is just as important. You can trust us with your fulfillment program. With huge warehouse capacity and highly accurate picking, sorting and packing we can take a huge headache off your hands. If you need a thousand graphics shipped to one address or one graphic each to a thousand, we can handle it. Custom packaging, blind shipments, fulfillment and tracking reports, and warehouse space are all available.

Development Services

Sometimes you know the need but not the solution. With our many years of experience and broad network of vendors, suppliers and experts, we can help you find the right solution. Even if we don’t print it ourselves, we can help design, prototype, test, or produce the ideal application. We offer a number of services to help you meet your client’s needs.

  • Material and Hardware Sourcing
  • Applications Research
  • Problem Solving
  • Site Surveys